Welcome to Royal Wolf Lodge blog
Posted By Linda Branham on March 12, 2012 @ 2:33 pm
As you can see, we have made a few changes to the Royal Wolf website. One of the many new features of the website is the Blog, where we can share a little more insight into what life is like at an active fly-fishing lodge. We have an incredibly talented and diverse staff, experts in their respective fields, who will share some of their wisdom and insights through this blog. As the season gets underway on June 8, we will let you have a glimpse into the world and atmosphere of our lodge. How the fishing is each week, photos of the animals we see daily and what they are up to, and as the season unfolds, we will let you know firsthand, what it is like to be in the wilderness, fishing the most prolific areas for rainbow trout on the planet. It is never a tiresome scenario, as something new seems to have a way of occurring each year. Some years we might have caribou wandering through camp, others a beautiful white wolf might walk by in front of the lodge as we are having our morning coffee, gracing us with its presence for a brief moment in time. The returning Loons, always vying for survival each year, as we watch their destiny unfold through our window of comfort in the lodge. It is never boring and the majestic scenery is never dull. We hope you will join us as we create a sense of reality for you, a journey into the life at our small lodge in the wilderness of Southwest Alaska’s Katmai region.