October Blog
Posted By Linda Branham on October 15, 2012 @ 7:42 pm
October Blog

It's a wrap!  We are home in Anchorage and another season has flown by.  What on earth was that last bout of mother natures wrath all about?  Chris and a few other bold souls, were stuck at the lodge in very nasty weather.  First they had lots of snow, followed by temperatures dropping down to the low twenties, and if that wasn't enough, how about gale force winds thrown in for fun?  Not much fun, but being real troopers, they worked hard closing the lodge down for the winter, fended off bears trying to unearth the septic system and of course took advantage of the photo op's, which were prolific. 

This is a opportune time to tell you about Tom King, who worked for us at the lodge this season.  Tom is definitely a "jack-of-all-trades," and he certainly made RWL a better place to be this summer.  No writing notes as to what needs to be done, he actually sees it and does it before you can make a mental note to ask him.  I am always astounded when I encounter such hard working people.  We had an incredible team of hard working employee's this year, which made the season run so smooth. 

But first and foremost, Tom King is a photographer extraordinaire.  He has the passion that is needed to pursue the animal, or best light, and turn it into a final product that makes us all feel we were there too.  You will see more and more of Tom's photos on our website, because they are great photo's.  At the end of a long working day, Tom has been known to hike to a small lake and observe the busy life of a beaver, while it has no idea Tom is recording every munch and crunch of its life. He will discover a brown bear with cubs, follow at a discrete distance, until the sow decides it is time to nurse her young.  What great photos and videos he has taken, some comparable, or better than what I've seen on the Nature, or National Geographic Channels. More of these photos are available if you are interested, just let me know and we can mail you some.

Our bookings for next year are looking quite good.  So many repeats and also people we haven't seen in several years are wanting to come back to share the experience with a younger son or daughter.  It is unbelievable watching these young people through the years, as they grow into enthusiastic anglers, you just know it is something they will be sharing with their children when the time comes.  If you are interested in fishing with us next season, it is definitely not too early to pick a week that is good for you, as they are disappearing quickly. If you are having trouble deciding which week would be best for you, give us a call and we can discuss it over the phone.

Chris and I will be taking our first photo safari to East Africa this January.  We are pleased to have two wonderful couples, Kathy and Steve Elliott and Mary and George Hall, who will be accompanying us to Kenya and Tanzania for a month of incredible safari adventure.  It will be a very personalized trip, with our friend Charlie Strachan flying us to the Masai Mara upon our arrival in Nairobi.  After four days spent in the Mara at Richard Roberts Camp, we will fly to another incredible camp on the Laikipia Plateau.  Then on to Sirikoi, with Sue and Willy Roberts and their  beautiful lodge located in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya.  Then on to Tanzania, Chris's birthplace, and some outstanding wildlife viewing in Southern Tanzania, while visiting the Selous. We will be topping off the trip on the Indian Ocean with a little rest and relaxation, but not too much, because we will be doing some diving amongst the extraordinary reefs off the coast of Zanzibar. We are all so excited, and thanks to the Elliott's, we have formed our new winter adventure company, "Riverbank Safaris".  We plan on taking friends and family to East Africa every winter and have managed to book well into 2015 already.  Looks as if I'd better get serious with my Swahili lessons, just to keep up with Chris. If you have mentioned an interest in accompanying us on a future trip to East Africa it is not too soon to make it known, if you haven't already.  Never too soon to start planning a trip, as there is so much fun involved in the planning stage and we will be offering all types of trips for every budget. 

Since most of our guides at RWL are still involved with guiding various fall fishing expeditions, we haven't been able to sit down and discuss next year with them, but I will tell you this, we have exciting news and a 2013 season that promises to be the best ever. With new places to fish and the expertise that our incredible guide staff has to offer, it won't be disappointing.