Chris's report on big rainbows at Royal Wolf and Big Ku
Posted By Chris Branham on May 3, 2013 @ 12:51 am
     Spring is late this year.  At the lodges we saw several fox trotting by, always on a hurried mission to find something good to eat, a Beaver poked his head through a hole in the ice, Bald Eagles were mating and preparing their nesting sites.  Tundra Swans, Canadian Geese, Cranes and ducks had no open lakes to land in so hundreds are feeding on the river below the cabins at Big Ku.  Ptarmigan are prolific, strutting around eager to mate and nest.  The Brown Bears are just emerging from their dens, a big bore was seen ambling across the snow when we flew back from King Salmon with a load of propane bottles, (so we can have meals and heat during your stay this summer.)  I have been taking advantage of landing on the ice with our summer supply of aviation fuel, diesel and propane.  It is much easier to land and unload fuel from the ski/wheeled Helio, then from a plane on floats during the summer.

     Last night I flew back through the snow covered mountain passes, into Anchorage in a Helio Courier on ski/wheels.  The ice is still two to three feet thick at Big Ku and Royal Wolf, but Kukaklek, and Nonvianuk at Royal Wolf, are open and flowing all the way down to the confluence.  The good news being that we watched two to three hundred big rainbow schooled up below our cabins at Big Ku, preparing to spawn.  Another thousand were downstream.  We saw the same situation on the Nonvianuk behind the lodge at Royal Wolf.  Also hundreds of non-spawning rainbow beginning to feed.

     Activity is picking up each day, the Arctic Terns, Bonaparte Gulls and Sea Gulls showed up on May 1st.  We expect a good snow pack in the mountains to keep a good flow of water in Moraine, Funnel, Little Ku and American Creek.  According to Alaska Fish & Game, a strong salmon run is expected, so if they are right it will be another year of good sized healthy rainbows!

     Everyone has had some experience with the adverse weather patterns; on April 10th it was 5-degrees Fahrenheit, on April 31st it was 42-degrees with clear skies.   The sun is now rising at 6:15 and disappears over the horizon at 10:30.  The ice is melting fast and summer will be here very soon.  Remember life is shorter then you think, enjoy nature and the outdoors with the people you care about, while you still can.  We all know wildlife is disappearing quickly due to the variances of human nature.