Dave Goodhart - Head Guide at Royal Wolf
Posted By Linda Branham on May 9, 2013 @ 5:06 pm
If you haven't heard Dave Goodhart's name mentioned in the fly fishing world, or seen one of his TV shows on ESPN, you are probably living off the grid.  Dave was born in Kentucky and raised near Boston, but has lived in Montana for over 30 years.  He studied environmental studies and biology at Middlebury College and took a few graduate courses in stream ecology and fisheries at the University of Montana's biological station.  This was likely one of the reasons Dave was chosen in 2011 by the Trout Conservancy of Montana to visit Bosnia and Montenegro, working with biologists, fishing managers and embassy groups advocating for marble and soft mouthed trout, which are only found in Adriatic drainages.  Next month they will be hosting a week of fishing in Slovenia for marble trout and grayling.

The brutal war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, between 1992 and 1995, with over 100,000 people killed and some 2.2 million people displaced, was horrifying enough, but over 20 years have gone by and those with a passion for trout, might just want to know how on earth would any trout survive this war?  Believe it or not, some of them did. (Below,signs posted along riverbanks to warn of unexploded mines. A grim reminder of the war.)

Dave has been guiding at Royal Wolf Lodge since 2003 and is currently our head guide, this will be his tenth year guiding for us. His knowledge and skills are an accumulation of many years of being a Bristol Bay guide.  He has also probably traveled and/or fished in all 50 States, Canada, Mexico, much of Central and South America, Scandinavia, both Coasts of Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Mongolia, New Zealand, the Cook Islands and Fiji.  I have a feeling the list will go on, as there are rivers to explore and places to see.  Indubitably Dave has a lifelong passion for fly fishing and travel, but he also seems to know more about the flora and fauna of Southwest Alaska then anyone you are likely to run into on the stream.  Having Dave Goodhart as your guide for a day of fly-fishing means you just might learn something you didn't know previously, (if you have the skills of being a listener) whether it is a tip to improve you cast, or the discovery of a certain type of flower that is rare in Katmai National Park, it most likely will not be boring.  Dave also has a passion for photography and captures all of these interests in beautiful color, which he loves to show to those that are interested.

I am a firm believer that one of the greatest gifts in life is a healthy curiosity to uncover what is unknown. Without that gift boredom inevitably grabs hold and the process of learning becomes mundane and lackluster, leaving education to the robotics of memorization, or the whims of the current educational system.  Curiosity in nature is a beautiful thing to observe; along with respect and the unceasing desire to always know more.  If you've had Dave Goodhart as a guide you probably know these things, if you haven't there is no time like the present_____if you are of a curious nature.