Beginnings, 2013
Posted By Linda Branham on June 13, 2013 @ 2:46 pm
The difference between opening week last year and this year is about a 30-degree difference in temperature.  This first week has been glorious, with blue skies and plenty of sunshine.  Our normal adventurous team of hearty, fun loving, anglers are back this year, with some new welcome additions.  A far cry from last years 34 degree water and not being able to wear enough polar fleece to stay warm while casting.  Chunks of ice and snow banks that were not even thinking of thawing. Thank heaven for the warm cozy fires back at the lodge, single malt whiskey and the shared camaraderie of good friends.  This week has been more of a short sleeved week and administering profuse amounts of sunblock.

Exploration is key this first week, with daily discoveries to determine which streams will provide what we are anticipating, and of course the overall health of the trout.  We have not been let down, but the fun is in the hiking and pursuit. The photo is of Bob Pease pursuing a big rainbow while casting from a lone remaining iceberg. What a gorgeous day of fishing!

The Bonaparte Gulls, numerous species of ducks and of course our resident loons, are back.  Numerous eagles have been seen circling over the lake and river,  the resident fox has been making his daily rounds, harassing the gull nests, looking for that unguarded moment to grab a quick treat.  We have seen several brown bear since our arrival, one looking fat and fluffy, which I suspect was just a winter coat, as you could see his ribs quite clearly.  A difficult time for bears, the salmon are not yet in and the foraging for green shoots and edible plants is not all that filling.  A few squirrels or other rodents would be a welcome treat, but the mother moose needs to be extra cautious to protect her young calf this time of year.  We have seen a bear follow a moose with calf into the lake in front of the lodge and because the calf doesn't have the long legs of it's mother, the bear can easily access them, while the mother stands quite helpless.  Very tough survival around here for the moose too, now that the bear population has exploded in recent years. 

We have also seen the same love smitten boar this spring, following his lady friend wherever she decides to travel.  If she decides to move on to greener pastures, the boar will wake from his much needed nap and pursue her.  Not sure if it is the same female as last year, but boy he is relentless in his pursuit. He never lets her out of his sight. If it is the same female she has probably lost last years cubs.

The first week is almost over and already we are into the pattern of lodge life.  Still sunny and warm.  I hate to say it after so many rainy summers, but we could use a good rain soon.  The tundra is dry and some plants look like they could use a little help from Mother Nature.