July and the living is easy . . .
Posted By Linda Branham on July 17, 2013 @ 5:39 pm
Summertime in Alaska and the living is HOT!  Mind you, I'm not complaining, but fishing in shorts and short sleeves?  I realize this is not considered hot in some areas of the U.S., if it reaches 80 here we are all panting, turning on fans, drinking iced tea in large quantities and swimming in the lake.  I am constantly reminding our guests to load up on the sunblock, as standing in the water all day with that strong Alaskan summer sun beating down on you can be pretty intense. However the guests are happy and the fish are hungry, what more can you ask?

Our staff photographers are constantly busy with the many opportunities to catch wildlife in interesting situations.  The 3 kit fox are totally enchanting all and their antics and playfulness is so entertaining. They are growing rapidly and have a very considerate mother who takes good care of them. They seem to be oblivious to cameras and will allow up close photos.  We don't like to overdo it though, so a few brief photos are all we will risk.

We also have a lone male fox that makes RWL his home.  The Bonaparte Gulls do not like him at all, as he continually wreaks havoc on their nests and babies.  We had a horrible drama unfold last week, a large seagull swooped down out of nowhere and proceeded to kill a baby Bonaparte Gull.  Because of all the noise and commotion, an observant Bald Eagle swept down from high, and grabbed another baby, as we all stood on the deck watching in horror.  The Eagle made a quick meal out of the baby gull, but we all realized that it is nature and the Eagle's have babies to feed too.  The adult gulls were so upset they dive bombed the Eagle making his life pretty miserable and his meal a bit nerve-racking to enjoy.  The adult gulls finally chased him away before he could do more damage to their family.  I watched the gulls chase the Eagle, pecking away at him, as they all flew off into the horizon.

The remaining baby gulls have learned to fly now and their soaring lessons, instigated by alert parents, are truly wonderful to observe.  They stay within a small circle of safety while the adults surround them during their practice flights.  Now they take the young ones down to the river at night and teach them how to feed.  It is becoming quieter around here, without the constant scolding of the adult gulls.

The small pond in front of the lodge, has many blooming lily pads this time of year and it seems our adult resident Beaver finds these a choice delicacy.  He is very comical as I watch him swim across the smaller lake into the pond and out again with a large mouthful of flowering lily pads.  He then swims with them in his mouth back to his home and Beaver dam across the lake, perhaps to dine on in seclusion,or give them to the young ones, I haven't figured that out yet.

We have a lot of guests here this week from Colorado, also Texas, California, Kansas and Alaska.  Always fun when people are from different areas of the U.S, plus they are all repeat RWL anglers, which is such a compliment. Yesterday Tom caught one of the nicest rainbows of his life, which was a truly wonderful feat, as his teenage son Eugene and his guide Todd, watched him with great anticipation.  He landed it in great style . . . it was a beauty. Congratulations Tom!

This area is getting more and more popular for bear viewing and photography.  Since we have several photographers on our staff we get some pretty incredible shots of bears, other animals and birds. I will try and share some of those with you as the summer moves forward, including some of Tom Kings amazing photos of our resident Merlin. . . what a spectacular bird.

For all of our guests that remember our popular chef Micah, he will be coming back this year to create his magic in the kitchen once more.  We are very pleased to have him back.  Perhaps we will even start printing some of our frequently requested recipes on this site too.   We try and send them home with our guests when they are requested, but we can always print them here for all to see and enjoy.  I dream of Micah's sushi and soon it will be a realization.  He even came to our home in Anchorage last Thanksgiving when my family visited from Colorado, and taught my two grandsons, Miles and Noa how to make sushi. . .then we all got to enjoy it for lunch. Including the guys in the hangar, there was enough for all to enjoy.