Springtime in Alaska
Posted By Linda Branham on July 2, 2014 @ 4:11 pm
It has taken a long time to bring a new blog forth, but the opening of two lodges and all that entails has kept us pretty busy.  When the days start getting longer in Anchorage I know it is time to begin the mad rush.  Spring came 3 weeks early this year and when Chris flew down to the lodge early this spring to check the ice for bringing in fuel, found he couldn’t even land, much less haul fuel.  By the time I arrived, the trees and shrubs were green and flowers blooming, which is unheard of in the twenty years since we built Royal Wolf Lodge. 

The first week it was in the 70’s making the snow melt quickly from the high mountain range.  We were enjoying the warm weather, but the truth was, the rainbows needed water to keep their population healthy. And the rains did come!  It was a real blessing, as several of the Alaskan wildfires were getting way out of control, the streams getting lower and fire bans were put out for Katmai, along with other areas in Alaska.  Of course it never rains but it pours and American Creek actually blew out the week of the heavy rains.  I am happy to report that it all evened out and we got back to sunny and the rivers are now normal.

Because of the early warm weather it has provided an excellent start to our trout and grayling fishing. The rainbow trout are getting fat already on an early sockeye smolt run and an excellent sockeye fry hatch. In addition, the good weather is also conducive to outstanding bug hatches. Caddis flies, Stoneflies, and Mayflies have all been coming off all year, much to the delight of the trout and grayling, not to mention the anglers vying for them.  Even our young 11 and 9 year olds from Colorado, Emma and Molly.  Sure can’t beat their enthusiasm on the stream.  Molly seen here with her dad, Chris.

Our returning loons are sharing our small lake with us again this year.  Their strange and mournful calls at night make me wonder what they are saying.  The stressful calls sound like they are definitely in danger, with a fox or bear getting too close to their eggs. Sometimes it seems clear they are just content and letting the other one know that they are not alone. Strange, but several times during the summer season, a group of loons will fly in to visit, almost as if they are communicating about what is going on in all the nearby ponds and lakes.  They are such beautiful birds and it surely wouldn’t be the same without their songs and their comforting appearance on the lake in front of the lodge.

We have some wonderful weeks planned this year and we are very excited.  Several film crews will be here during the summer and we are hosting a wine week with our good friends Wayne and Glenda from Oregon.  Providing some of their outstanding wines from Sienna Ridge Estate.  It is a couples week and we are offering gourmet culinary courses, rafting trips, hikes, spa sessions with massage therapy, facials and of course wine pairings to compliment the wonderful food our chefs will provide that week and every week at Royal Wolf Lodge.  I must boast and tell you that I think Royal Wolf Lodge has the finest restaurant in Alaska this year!  I will write about it later this summer and provide some photos showing the great food served that week.