Chloe, the last of the Golden's
Posted By Linda Branham on September 21, 2014 @ 5:45 pm
To those who remember Chloe, we are sad to say we lost her to cancer September 19th, not long after returning from another summer at the lodge.   
     Chloe arrived as a new puppy to Royal Wolf Lodge almost 13 years ago; lodge life was her familiar and welcoming summer home.  Chloe might be remembered for that long Golden Retriever nose that liked to search out the person she thought would be more inclined to share a little of their plate with her.  Even though it was thoroughly discouraged, she managed to get more than her share of foraged treats.  

     Even though she wasn’t feeling as frisky as normal this summer, she was still able to swim, go for a few hikes, and make herself known to the staff by flopping down right where their food was being served.  I think beyond the grumbling, they walked more cautiously to avoid stepping on her.  The location was strategic for any dropped morsels, which Chloe knew very well and it became her raison d’être. That and waiting just barely within the boundary lines of the kitchen, where she kept hope eternal alive.  Chloe never met a chef she didn’t love!

     In her youth she lived life to it’s fullest and I’ve never had the privilege of owning such a kind dog.  I don’t think I remember ever seeing her do one cruel act toward another person or dog.  Her disposition was one of toleration and she somehow knew that new puppies were rambunctious and some dogs barked unnecessarily, and little children could scream quite loudly . . . but Chloe’s temperament was one of patience and understanding.  

     We will miss sweet Chloe; it is difficult to not have those footsteps following behind you, or by your side.  Sometimes you stop for a moment and think she is still there . . . if only for a brief moment.