Spring preview of 2017 season at Royal Wolf Lodge
Posted By Linda Branham on May 10, 2017 @ 10:37 pm
     Chris flew down to the lodge on ski-wheels yesterday and landed on our new strip.  The lake is wide open and the river below the lodge is loaded with hundreds of rainbows, feeding on fry.  The shallow water makes them easy to see from the air.  

     Big Ku Lodge is also loaded with hundreds of rainbow, including those big 28” plus, that are ready to spawn.  Those who are booked for opening week will be rewarded with one of the best fishing weeks since the 1960’s.  It will be outrageous! 

     All the fish that migrate to Funnel, Moraine, Battle, Little Ku, and Kukaklek later in the season, will be at the outlet of Big Ku, in front of the lodge in June.  I feel sorry for those who have never fished here in June, as they will be missing some of the best streamer and dry fly fishing on earth!  

     The snow pack looks favorable to keep water flowing in the event of a dry summer.  If warmer temperatures do prevail, it will be tough on the rainbow.  We prefer some days of rain to provide the perfect environment for the fish.  

      Check our blog later on this season, will try and put some big rainbow photos on for you to see.
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