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Dining Experience
The quality of the meals at Royal Wolf has always been a high priority. The owners bring their influence into the picture, with Chris’s upbringing in East Africa and Linda’s as a former chef. The head chef and sous chef are highly qualified and have been known to receive standing ovations from grateful guests. “The portions are small, but the courses are prolific,” we’ve heard their fans comment numerous times. If you prefer quality in small doses, this is something that will definitely please you. No more ghastly overloaded plates, piled high with visions of gluttony dancing in your head. With many courses provided, no one goes away hungry, but pleased by the highest quality you will usually find only in fine restaurants. Our pastry chef is purely brilliant and delights in making everything from scratch. She enjoys learning new things and loves receiving accolades.

The day is started with a bountiful buffet style breakfast and imaginative lunches are served picnic style on the stream. When you arrive home at the end of the day, there will be a cocktail hour before dinner with delicious hors d'oeuvres, after which is a 4-6 course dinner that will satisfy the most educated palates. Everything is made from scratch; you will find no processed foods in this kitchen. The chef’s are true “foodies” and love what they are doing.


Hearty Fall Dinner

Appetizer: Goat cheese and sun-dried tomato canapés

First course: Reindeer terrine with red current sauce

Entrée: French rack of lamb with shaved truffles served on a bed of garlic smashed potatoes carrot and mint slaw with raspberry vinaigrette

Bread: French bread warm from the oven

Dessert: Panna Cotta with Alaskan wild berry puree

Touch of Thai Dinner

Appetizer: Wild Porcini Tart with lemon grass infusion

First Course: Spinach Salad with lychee, red onion, cambozola cheese and raspberry/balsamic vinaigrette

Entrée: Thai coconut chicken curry with basmati rice

Bread: Indian garlic naan

Dessert: Kifer lime mousse layered with fresh whipped cream

Chef’s Salmon Feast Dinner

Appetizer: Entire Poached Salmon Enveloped in a Cucumber Lattice with Chive/Dill Crème Fraiche,
Tempura Battered Salmon, Fresh Salmon Nigiri, Ikura with Melon and Cucumber, Homemade Crackers.

First Course: Fresh Salmon Tartare with thinly sliced homemade Yukon Chips

Second Course: Crispy Fried Salmon Belly with Carrot, Apple, and Ginger Slaw

Entrée: Molasses/Hickory Glazed Salmon with Parsnip Puree, Braised Cabbage and Wild Blueberry Reduction

Dessert: Lemongrass mousse

Most Royal Wolf Lodge recipes are shared with guests upon request.

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