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A Typical Day

A typical day at Royal Wolf Lodge begins with a hot buffet style breakfast. After breakfast you will have time to go back to your cabin, gather up your gear, put on your waders and meet your guide at the float-plane. (You will have met your guide the previous evening and discussed where you will be fishing.) From take-off, you will enjoy a brief 10-20 minute flight over the Alaskan wilderness to your fishing destination of the day. Then, depending on the size and circumstance of the stream or river you are fishing, you could utilize a jet boat, a raft or simply walk and wade.

If you are on a river using a jet boat, you may use it to get from place to place and hop out on gravel bars to fish, or you may jet boat the river as far as you can, then get out and continue on foot. Likewise with a raft, after disembarking the plane and a short walk, your guide will inflate it and you will use the raft throughout the day to go downstream, stopping often to fish along the way. For a raft trip, your drop off and pick up location will be different (much further downstream). If the stream is very small and non-navigable by boat or raft, you will likely walk and wade the stream fishing at your fancy.

Subsequent to being dropped off by the float-plane and regardless of your mode of travel, the next 8-9 glorious hours of the day are yours to fish! Here you will enjoy world-class rainbow fishing like nowhere else on earth. For the fishing and the wildlife, as well as the spectacular scenery, be sure and bring your camera! Around mid-day, or whenever your stomach rumbles, a delicious stream-side picnic lunch will be set out for you by the guides. This is a good chance to relax and stretch those weary rainbow worn muscles.

At the end of the day the plane will return to pick you up and take you back to the lodge where a hot shower, delicious appetizers and a refreshing beverage await. Leading up to dinner, most guests choose to socialize in the main lodge taking pleasure in meeting and talking with fellow anglers. As mentioned previously, following dinner and dessert you will meet your guide for the next day and discuss any questions you might have. Each day you will be flown to a different unique location and get to explore incredible new rainbow water. Royal Wolf Lodge and the waters they fish are truly something you have to experience to believe.

One last important note about the fishing program at Royal Wolf is the excellent quality of Alaska fishing guides. No other lodge in Alaska has assembled such profoundly knowledgeable, skilled and patient guides. You are speaking of over100 years combined experience. Each guide generally has one to three streams throughout the season where they are intimately connected with the waters, and know with the changing conditions, where favorite holding water is and what the best techniques are to entice a bite. As guests, you will have the benefit of being with each of these guides, knowing that no one knows the water or the local fish better. Katmai National Park is their home and fly-fishing Katmai is their purpose.

One last important factor, Royal Wolf has a "home river" that is within walking distance from your own cabin. Filled with prolific amounts of rainbow and all five species of salmon, you always have another choice if weather should keep you from flying out.

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