Our professional Alaska fishing guides are the most experienced in the industry, some with 25 years of dedicated service in Alaska rainbow fishing.  They are masters in the art of fly-fishing and are superb instructors both for beginners and experts.  They will help you learn or improve the skills and techniques necessary to hook and hold on to these huge, spirited rainbow.  You will undoubtedly catch the biggest rainbow of your life; catch more rainbow in one day than you have in all your past years.  Our guests are frequently heard to comment:  “That was the best day of fishing in my life.”

Because we hire experienced veterans you get the best of the best in Alaska. From holding Spey casting awards, to starring in International television shows, our guides write the rules on how fly-fishing in Southwest Alaska should be done. Their concern has always been to teach the proper form of fly-fishing, make sure their guest has a wonderful experience and always keeping the health of the rainbow foremost in their minds. A healthy population of wild Alaskan rainbow is tantamount to the survival of all things in the wilderness and our guides know and honor this truism. They teach ethics when they instruct fly-fishing and this is not only important in today’s world, but is the difference between a professional fly-fishing guide and someone you don't want to trust with your first experience in a wilderness fly-fishing lodge. 






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