How To Get Here

Flying to Royal Wolf is fairly straightforward; from your hometown you will fly into Anchorage, Alaska, from there you will take our flight straight to the
lodge. Guests arrive and depart Royal Wolf Lodge on Friday mornings.

Information and Flight Schedule
– Your round trip flight is included in your fishing
weeks cost. The plane will be a state of the art Cessna 208 Caravan on
amphibious floats. The flight is approximately 1-½ hours from our
Anchorage hangar to the RWL dock in front of the lodge, where the staff
will greet you.
The plane is located at: Branham Hangar, 4701 Aircraft Drive, (next to the
Aviation Museum at Lake Hood) across the street from Anchorage International

Friday Departure from Anchorage:

First Departure:
Anchorage 11:00 AM / Arrive at lodge 12:30 PM

Second Departure: Anchorage 4:00, arriving at lodge 5:30 PM

Friday Departure from Lodge:

First departure from
Lodge on a 8:30 AM flight, arriving Anchorage 10:00 AM

Second departure from
Lodge at 1:30 PM, arriving Anchorage 3:00 PM

All flights will be subject
to change due to weather or conditions we cannot control.
Reservations will be made through Royal Wolf Lodge, or your booking agent; we
will automatically reserve space for you, unless notified otherwise. Please
notify RWL, or your booking agent in advance, your weight and approximate
luggage weight and your arrival and departure times into Anchorage. If you
need to arrive or depart at times other than our scheduled flight, you will be
responsible for hiring a private air taxi to deliver or pick you up at the
lodge at your expense, which is normally higher than our flight costs. Your commercial
return reservation out of Anchorage should be based on your flight arrival time
into Anchorage. Remember, you are flying in Alaska and there should be excess
time available in the event of inclement weather.

Soft-sided luggage is strongly recommended, with a maximum weight of 60 pounds
per person. The pilot would prefer two smaller bags, as opposed to one large
one, if at all possible, due to easier handling and weight restrictions. (No
bear spray is allowed on any flight, it is illegal to have on a plane.)

Arrival at “Branham Hangar” for your departure to the lodge should be 1 hour
before flight time. You will not go through a security check and your name will
be on the flight manifest held by the pilot. There is a waiting room and
bathroom facilities at the hangar.

Upon arrival a buffet style lunch or snack will be served. You will have time to unpack and get your equipment in order. Appetizers will be
served at 5:30 - 6:00 and dinner served at 7:00 - 7:30, followed by a welcome speech
explaining the next day’s routine and bear indoctrination.